Keystone Auto Body Parts

In 1947, Keystone auto body parts began doing business with chrome bumpers that are described to be “replated”. The conception of this idea of the Keystone auto body parts was a result of a sandstorm which took place in California that hit the not so highly-urbanized places in the country. The aftermath of the sandstorm caused a destructive sandblasting effect on the chrome-finishing of cars. As a result, both the car owners and insures would resort to costly car repairs, that made them lost huge amount of money. Mr. Virgil Benton, the proud owner of Keystone auto body parts, started with a small chrome-plaiting shop prior to his success.

Unknowingly, some insurers got the surprise of their lives when this humble and noble man was able to restore the badly damaged chrome-finished cars with a much lesser cost. From then on, the concept of Keystone auto body parts gained popularity and prominence in a short span of time. Likewise, the services of Keystone auto body parts have vastly expanded. They now have repairing, straightening as well as replating of collision damaged vehicle bumpers.

The Keystone auto body parts during the early years of the 50’s and the 70’s, started a new and an eco-friendly idea of recycling bumpers. In fact, the Keystone auto body parts have bumper recycling factories in the Midwest and some parts of the Northeast states.

During the mid and later 80’s, brand new replacement parts of the Keystone auto body parts such as hoods, grills and fenders became readily available to their growing number of clients, through independent sources. Therefore, the Keystone auto body parts have contributed a lot to the collision repair industry in a larger scope.

The Keystone auto body parts became a leading supplier of independently manufactured collision repair parts through their ingenuity and expertise that are only uniquely theirs.  Some of the recent achievements of the Keystone auto body parts in the vehicle repair industry are:

  • June 1996- The Keystone auto body parts company has successfully completed its initial offering to Public Offering and they are currently engaged in NASDAQ exchange under the unique symbol of “KEYS”.
  • In two consecutive years, 2003 and 2004, the Keystone auto body parts have acquired the business partnership of two major Canadian auto parts distributors. – the Multi- Pro and the Quinte Bumper and Fender

With this business partnership acquisitions of the Keystone auto body parts made its presence felt in Canada and plan to reach greater heights in the future.

If you are interested to know about their different locations in Canada, here are some of the places where the Keystone auto body parts are strategically located.


4 Responses to Keystone Auto Body Parts

  1. Geoff Parks says:

    I’ve had nothing but luck with keystone parts. I even lucked out when I broke down on vacation last year and didn’t have to settle for an off-brand part.

    • Ali Grant says:

      @Geoff – Yep, I agree. I’m fortunate enough to live buy a parts store that keeps a bunch of keystone parts stocked. 🙂

  2. dale says:

    Interesting read. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Teddy says:

    My 1988 bronco kept breaking belts andit turned out the orig. pully had a notch out of it and i have no idea how it happened. replacing it with a keystone product fixed it write up

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